June 29 Construction Update

Published: Tuesday, June 29, 2021

One month into this summer’s Platform Improvement Project work, platform reconstruction is well underway at the four closed stations. Demolition of the existing platform tiles and granite edge is complete at every station and the construction team is now busy repairing cracks, installing rebar, pouring concrete and placing new granite edge pieces. Below are station-by-station highlights from the work that took place over the past two weeks.


In addition to the platform demolition work that’s been completed, crews finished demolition of the elevator cladding and canopy skylight framing. As part of station deep cleaning, the canopy roof was pressure washed. In the mezzanine area (station entrance), slip-resistant tiles were installed and the entrance gates were freshly repainted. Meanwhile, on the platform, the team is preparing to install the topping slab, followed by new platform fixtures like pylons, shelters and windscreens.
Mezzanine tile installation at GreenbeltNew slip-resistant tiles in mezzanine area Rebar at GreenbeltNew rebar on platform edge

College Park-U of Md

Crews have removed the existing sound walls from along the station tracks in order to clean the posts and install new sound wall panels between the station, MARC train and surrounding neighborhoods. Edge lights have begun to be installed within the granite edges of the platform. In the upcoming weeks, crews will begin reconstructing the station canopy above the platform area and installing new skylights in the platform and mezzanine.
Installing new sound wallPrep for new sound walls
Granite edge installation at College ParkInstallation of granite edge

Prince George's Plaza

Now that the original platform tiles and granite edges are demolished, crews have laid all 1,200 linear feet of new concrete along the platform edge (pictured below). That’s more than twice the height of the Washington Monument, and then some! In addition to this work on the platform, the construction team is busy installing safety improvements across the station, including new CCTV cameras, fire alarms, LED lighting fixtures and new standpipe (part of the tunnel fire suppression system).
Pouring concrete at Prince Georges PlazaPouring concrete for new platform edge
Fire standpipe installationFire standpipe installation in tunnel area

West Hyattsville

In addition to demolishing the existing mezzanine and platform tiles, demolition work also includes old station features such as escalator panels, elevator classing, old fare gates and restrooms. Throughout the station, crews are installing wires and electrical components for new PA (Public Address) speakers and fire alarms.  In the coming weeks, platform core drilling and waterproofing will begin for continued platform reconstruction.
Demolishing old platform edgeDemolishing old platform edge Old concrete removal at West HyattsvilleRemoving old concrete

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