Arlington Cemetery and Addison Rd stations prepare for reopening in late May

Published: Wednesday, May 5, 2021

With less than three weeks until Addison Rd and Arlington Cemetery stations reopen, crews are winding down construction and turning towards testing and finishing installation of the customer experience improvements. Follow along below for the most recent work underway at these two stations.

Addison Rd Station

With the first half of the platform completed in early April, crews working on the second half have finished pouring the topping slab (the layer of concrete beneath the platform tile) and have installed all of the granite edges and slip-resistant tiles. Crews are now working on assembling the platform furniture, such as the stainless-steel platform shelters, pylons and larger digital screens, and are surveying the platform to determine if any track adjustments are required before the station reopens.
Granite installation underway at Addison Rd platformInstalling the granite
New topping slab poured at Addison Road platformNew topping slab poured

Arlington Cemetery Station

Here, crews are focusing on installation and testing of station improvements to enhance the customer experience. They have installed the new retaining wall, the CCTV system and globe lights on top of the pylons and have finished installing the slip-resistant tiles on the platform. In the weeks leading up to the station reopening, crews will continue to test the customer communication systems, clean the station and remove construction equipment from the platform and mezzanine.
Tracks at Arlington Cemetery Station
Preparing site demobilization at Arlington Cemetery

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