Wiehle-Reston East

Both sides of mezzanine.

Untitled, 2016
David Wilson
Glass art opalescent panes
44' l x 33' h

Wiehle-Reston Untitled - 2016
David Wilson is a glass artist and designer living in central New York State. Born in England, he moved to the USA to work primarily as a stained glass designer for the Rambusch Decorating Company in NYC. His aesthetic approach works with the design sensibility of each project he undertakes, integrating glass art with the architectural environment.

The artwork at Wiehle-Reston East was designed to catch the attention of travelers through the space. As the bridge makes use of a sloped "shed" roof, the designs reflect this dynamic. The refinement and simplification of the design process retained these dynamic diagonals as the essential design motif linking the negative space of the passenger bridge walkways.