Art in Transit: NoMa-Gallaudet

Concrete retaining wall along Metropolitan Branch Trail.

D.C. Walls Festival 2021

For ten days, a curated group of artists gather in Washington, D.C. to adorn building walls, enliven streetscapes, and beautify the community during the D.C. Walls festival (formerly known as POW! WOW! DC). As part of the festival, a partnership between POW! WOW! DC, the NoMa BID, and WMATA's Art in Transit Program allows artists to create several murals side-by-side along the 900 foot-long retaining wall at Metro's Brentwood Rail Yard facility, north of the NoMa-Gallaudet University Metro station, along the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT). Artists selected to paint on the Metro wall for the 2021 edition are: Ally Grimm, Clarence James - PVMT84, Immanuel Ahiable, Jeremiah Edwards, Kimchi Juice, Kathrine Campagna, Mark Devour, Mathew Manaois, Meaghan Toohey, Red Swan, and Sarah Jamison. Visitors can enjoy also murals realized at previous festival editions by Martin Swift, Wing Chow, Birdcap, and Kelly Towles.

This annual event is made possible with funding from the NoMa Business Improvement District (NoMa BID) and POW! WOW! DC.


Integrated into the fence in the front of the station and at the station entrance plaza.

Journeys, 2004
Barbara Grygutis and Dolores Kendrick
Aluminum, light, steel
27.5' h x 6' w

NoMa-Gallaudet Journeys - 2004
Journeys is a collaboration with Dolores Kendrick, Poet Laureate of Washington D.C. Her poetry enriches the pedestrian experience. The integration of words into the artwork contributes to the multi-layered, richly textured public space. The leaf is illuminated from within at night, providing a beacon of light at the entrance to the station.

Through her work as an artist, Barbara Grygutis creates public spaces that enhance the built environment, enable civic interaction, and reveal unspoken relationships between nature and humanity. She engages the public through her works of art by identifying themes meaningful to each specific site and community.

Poet Dolores Kendrick was born and raised in Washington DC. In 1999, she was appointed Poet Laureate of the District of Columbia. The National Visionary Leadership Project has honored her contributions to art and public life, and in 2002 a celebration of Kendrick's work was staged at the Kennedy Center. Kendrick worked for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, developing programs for high school and college students, and for established and emerging poets. Her poetry appears as part of the Epoch sculpture in downtown Washington, and with the Journeys sculpture in the NoMa-Gallaudet University Metro Station.

Ms. Kendrick passed away in 2017.