Mezzanine and ground level.

Voyagers, 2015
Martin Donlin
26 glass panels hand & airbrush painted with permanent ceramic enamels; etched poetry in the lamination of the panels.
16' l x 18' h

McLean Voyagers - 2015

" Voyagers" represents both the physical and cognitive idea of travel and transportation. Large human figure forms that depict a community in transition were overlaid with poetry from past and present Poet Laureates from Virginia.

The poems have directly influenced the artwork, relate to moods and the day-to-day human condition that affects our daily lives, and also act as a springboard for thoughts to begin and end our day - on our own totally unique "Voyage".

Martin Donlin is a glass artist working on both large and small scale. He works with a wide range of materials from Antique mouth blown glass, screen-printed ceramic enamels, to subtle acid-etched and polished glass. His projects are intended to work on a variety of levels, with bold images for impact yet containing small intricate details to be seen close up. His intention is to create artworks that are welcoming and accessible, and do not alienate visitors or locals, but can still remain exciting and have a sense of adventure.