L'Enfant Plaza   

Bulkhead at the 7th Street SW & Maryland Avenue SW station entrance.

Brute Block, 2022
Theo Morrow
Digitally manipulated photos printed on PVC panels
27'6" long

Brute Block
Brute Block

Brute Block is a colorful interpretation of DC's most iconic work of brutalist architecture, the Washington Metro. Created with digitally manipulated photos of the L'Enfant Plaza station, this piece highlights the bold geometries and rich textures for which the brutalist style is known. Up close, Brute Block shows a clear reference to the architecture of the station, while from afar it can be read as a natural pattern; contrasting the surrounding concrete with a lush pop of color.

Theo Morrow is an artist and designer based in Washington, DC. Inspired by observations of the built and natural environment, Morrow's work encourages a sense of playful curiosity and mysticism within the framework of everyday life. Creating work through several mediums in dialogue with one another, his process blurs the lines between physical and digital. The result is a style distinct in its use of bold colors and imaginative expression.

Brute Block was first displayed on the construction barricades that was installed around the entrance in 2022.

Brute Block

Temporary project funded by the Southwest Business Improvement District (SWBID) in partnership with WMATA.