Innovation Center

North entrance plaza.

Threshold, 2020
Brad J. Goldberg
Granite with thermal (flamed) finish
48' x 40'

Innovation Center-Threshold
Inspired by the notion of innovation and today's digital world, Threshold takes the idea of a digital bitmap and enlarges it to a pedestrian scale for users of the station to walk upon as they enter or exit the Innovation Center Station. Using three colors of granite, the bitmap image is realized along with geometric, sculptural seating elements for users of the station. A threshold to the station is thus created.

Brad Goldberg is an artist whose work is a fusion between sculpture, landscape, and the built environment. Sculptures are seen not as isolated objects, but rather as spirit-creating components of larger spatial experiences. Each new project generates a unique non-preconceived response encompassing the total aspect of a specific place or circumstance.  Within this framework, Brad Goldberg has worked, both nationally and internationally, as a conceptual idea generator and physical creator of site-specific sculptures, parks, gardens, interior spaces, furniture, landscape installations, etc.

Threshold was commissioned by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.