North and South pedestrian bridges pavers.

Now & Then, 2020
Haddad Drugan
Atlantic black granite and LED lighting
North pedestrian bridge (29 art pavers): 16' wide x 280' long
South pedestrian bridge (37 art pavers): x 16' wide x 312' long
Each art paver: ¾" thick x 11 11/16" wide x 23' 11/16" long

Herndon - Now & Then
Photo by Haddad Drugan

Now & Then is an experiential artwork consisting of art pavers set intermittently in paver bands along the station's two pedestrian bridges. Each granite tile is etched with a historic or contemporary image of or inspired by the town of Herndon. Overlaid onto the image is a word that references an activity or value related to coming home, going to work, or traveling. The image-word combinations sometimes imply double meanings. The granite pieces are incorporated into architectural paving bands, arranged in groupings and sequences to suggest poetic combinations in the minds of people walking over them. LED spotlights in the ceiling illuminate the pavers, turning on and off to draw attention to different image-word tiles and combinations.

Haddad Drugan, LLC is an artist partnership between Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan. Haddad Drugan's studio focuses on conceptually driven site-specific art. Their artwork can be thought of as an inquiry into visual phenomena with a goal of inventing provocative experiences that incite curiosity and wonder tied to the specific qualities of place. Their goal is to create poetic artworks perceived on one level as place-making icons but are also layered with subtler meaning and effects so they unfold in complexity and richness as one experiences them over time.

Now & Then was commissioned by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.