West side of parking garage.

Arts Walk Totems, 2016
Montgomery County Public School Students
Terra Cotta, iron pipe, concrete
12" l x 6'6" h x 12" w (x 39)

Arts Walk Totems - 2016

"Over 240 ceramic art students and their teachers at 14 high schools across Montgomery County, Maryland, have worked since October 2015 on creating large clay totem poles. The project was a real world, hands-on learning experience for the students who were given the opportunity to create these art pieces for public display. In June 2016, 39 of the 5 to 6-foot-tall totem poles were installed along a well-traveled public walkway at the Grosvenor–Strathmore Metro station and at an entrance walkway at the Music Center at Strathmore in North Bethesda, Maryland. The project is a great showcase for MCPS student achievement."