Bus loop grassy knoll between station entrance and parking lot.

Sonata, 2017
Jeff Chyatte
156" l x 120" h x 24" w

Grosvenor-Strathmore Sonata - 2017

"Strathmore Square features Sonata, a brushed aluminum sculpture created by Public Art Sculptor Jeff Chyatte. Sonata's elements are arranged to align with Mozart's iconic Eine Kleine Nachtmusik "A Little Night Music" both from a front view and superior view looking down. Quarter and half notes are represented with proportional sized tubes. Sonata was loaned to WMATA by Strathmore and sponsored by Fivesquares Development." - via

Jeff Chyatte's sculpture is about balance, imbalance, and exploration. His work attempts to understand the human condition through discovery of the relationships between its basic components. Mr. Chyatte gains inspiration from Da Vinci, Euclid and the great scientists who blurred the distinction between art, math and science. Incorporating mathematically significant dimensions, such as the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio, ensures a subtle equilibrium found in nature. Metallurgy and physics guide the material and design choices as he seeks to communicate messages about strength, sustainability, and risk.