Frieze on station bus/entrance canopy.

Swallows and Stars, 2001
Deirdre Saunder
Glass tile & mirror mosaic
1,300' l x 2' h

Glenmont Swallos and Stars - 2001
The mosaic glass frieze covers the roof edge of the canopied pedestrian walkways and station entrances. The stylized iridescent imagery depicts bold images of birds, stars and the sky that soften the crisp geometry of the building structures. The frieze was intended to create harmony between the station and its natural environment while providing a calming and uplifting experience for viewers.

Deirdre Saunder is a well-known D.C. area artist and has exhibited extensively in the United States and internationally. Saunder was born in Zimbabwe and received her MFA from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, her BFA and Higher Degree in Education from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and was a Knox Fellow at Harvard University. She has been featured in numerous publications including Washingtonian Magazine's "People to Watch," Washington Post, City Paper, and The Gazette. She currently teaches at the Maret School in Washington, DC and at the Art League School in Alexandria, VA.