Downtown Largo

South entrance plaza.

Largo Lens, 2004
Ray King
Glass, stainless steel, concrete
16' l x 32' h x 2'6" w

Downtown Largo
Largo Lens - 2004The free-standing, light-sensitive sculpture comprised of prismatic, holographic glass facets configured onto a circular "lens" framework that interacts with sunlight to reflect a dazzling spectrum of color.

Largo Lens is one of a continuing series of chromatic sculptures that interact with and are animated by sunlight to form a visual conversation with the sun; it faces the southern meridian of the sun to capture and disperse the sun's refractions. The geometric rhythmic elements suggest the harmony of music and the symbolism of enlightenment.

Ray King is an accomplished artist who uses the natural phenomena of light as it interacts with glass and optics as an art medium. By creating dynamic interactions with the sun and refracting light into colors – rainbow-like emanations that shift and change as the viewer moves or as the light source changes – King creates an environment that appeals to viewers' sense of wonderment and delight.