Congress Heights

Bus loop/grassy knoll between station entrance and Alabama Ave.

East of the River: Connections, 2006
Anne Allardyce-Tully
Painted stainless steel
11' l x 15' h x 11.5' w

Congress Heights
East of the River: Connections - 2006
Anne Allardyce-Tully captures the spirit of the Congress Heights community in her sculpture. The sculpture represents "connection" by depicting the interconnected world of the natural (represented by the river element) and the built world (the elements that bridge the river and create a gateway - from road systems to bus routes to Metro lines). Allardyce-Tully states, "coming across the river you are entering a real neighborhood - it is home…the station is a gateway across the river; the area is a gateway to the past and the future."

This project was made possible in part by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.

Anne Allardyce currently lives and works in the Hudson Highlands, NY. She has built and installed complex large-scale site-specific art in Canada, the United States and Japan. Ms. Allardyce created East of the River: Connections in 2006, a community-inspired stainless-steel sculpture for the Congress Heights Metro Station in the nation's capital.