Metro Building at New Carrollton, 4100 Garden City Drive, Hyattsville, MD

Building plaza.

Dawn and Dusk Resurgent, 2022
Heidi Lippman
Handmade and manufactured glass and stone mosaic composed of elements collected from locations around the globe.

Dawn and Dusk Resurgent

Dawn and Dusk Resurgent pays homage to the mosaic from which it was sourced: Dawn and Dusk (1998). The massive installation stood nearby on the parking garage. It was described by art critic Ben Forgey of The Washington Post as "a little daily miracle," that encircled the main stairwell towers of the award winning, 6-story parking garage at the New Carrollton Station, designed by the international architecture firm, SOM. The mosaic also adorned a clocktower at the metro station's entrance.

As part of the demolition of the clocktower and the parking garage in 2022, large slab sections of the mosaic on the parking garage were retrieved and reconfigured to create this new, vibrant installation in the public plaza adjacent to the Metro Building at New Carrollton.

Dawn and Dusk Resurgent is an example of flexibility, durability, and renewal and is the first artwork in the Art in Transit collection that was created by reinventing an existing artwork.

Heidi Lippman is trained as a painter, sculptor, and craftsperson. Her public projects use these skills on a monumental scale. Using light and colorful materials, Lippman connects people, place, and esthetic. Her artworks grace transportation hubs, hospitality settings, and parks.

This project was commissioned by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Art in Transit Program in partnership with the Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council. Additional funding provided through a Conservation Implementation Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.