Metro Transit Police Department District II Substation and Training Facility, Springfield, VA

East Exterior Façade

Plume #3, 2014
Volkan Alkanoglu
Stainless steel
35'h x 17'5"w

Plume #3

Plume #3 is a memorial structure for fallen police officer Harry Davis Jr. of the Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD). The wall sculpture is conceived as a precious dynamic motion in both its sweeping, curvilinear design, and its function as a representative of memory and cultural synthesis.

In daylight the artwork appears as a multiplicity of metallic surfaces networks, with subtle reflective qualities, offering views from the under passing adjacent walkways and while approaching the building by car, bus, or bicycle. By night the project assumes an elegant, sculptural presence. It is lit up and made vivid in its internal patterning. The structure opens its additional qualities, displaying its beautiful internal world through light, color, and shadow. The light-integrated artwork will exceed the height of the roofline to serve as a beacon for the site.

Volkan Alkanoglu is an artist and designer based in Portland, Oregon. His work is focuses on the pursuit of novel form through spatial, material, and technological explorations.

This project was funded by WMATA as part of a capital project at the Metro Transit Police Department District II Substation and Training Facility.