U-Pass® in Apple Wallet - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the U-Pass in Apple Wallet test program?

The U-Pass in Apple Wallet test is a limited-run program of a small group of the most frequent U-Pass users to try out Metro & Apple's latest feature - a mobile version of the U-Pass card. This digital card performs identically to the plastic card - allowing you unlimited rides on Metrorail, Metrobus. This mobile pass allows you to "tap and go" anywhere your plastic U-Pass card allows you to travel.

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What is the benefit in using U-Pass in Apple Wallet?

Easy. Secure. Convenient. Sustainable. All from the iPhone or Apple Watch you love.

U-Pass in Apple Wallet allows you to pay for your ride by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch at a Metrorail faregate or any Metrobus fare box. You'll never have to worry about losing your plastic card again because the U-Pass is stored among your other cards in Apple Wallet and protected through your iCloud account.

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I'm ready, how do I put my U-Pass in Apple Wallet?

Through Apple Wallet, follow the instructions for adding a new Transit Card. Select SmartTrip® and then Transfer Existing Card. The phone number and date of birth required will be provided by your school. Need more help? Check out these instructions here and here.

For the best experience, make sure you have Express mode for your Transit setting turned on for U-Pass.

Once you transfer your plastic U-Pass to Apple Wallet, your plastic card will be deactivated and can't be used again. Please recycle your card at your school's Office of Sustainability or at a campus recycling bin.

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What data will be collected during the test program?

Your ridership history, including origin/destination, time of day and the number of trips you've taken, will be shared with Metro and Apple during this test period to evaluate the successful transactions using U-Pass in Apple Wallet. Data will be shared in accordance with the test program's terms & conditions.

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Can I continue to use U-Pass in Apple Wallet after the test period?

If the limited-run program is successful, you can expect to continue to use U-Pass in Apple Wallet through the end of the Spring 2022 semester - at which time the Spring U-Pass will automatically expire. Any other SmarTrip® card in Apple Wallet will continue to work as expected.

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My U-Pass in Apple Wallet does not work. What should I do?

Reach out to us by sending an email to upass@wmata.com

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When will the mobile app be available on the Android Google Pay platform?

U-Pass in Google Pay is not currently available. Metro will provide updates as we plan support for Android users.

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I just bought a new iPhone, how do I recover my U-Pass from my old iPhone?

If you restore your new device from a backup of your old device, you will be given the opportunity to restore your U-Pass to Apple Wallet on your new iPhone. You must remove U-Pass from Apple Wallet before erasing your old iPhone.

If you are setting up a new iPhone and removed U-Pass from Apple Wallet on your old iPhone prior to disposing of it, simply select "Add Card" in Apple Wallet and follow the steps to restore your transit card.

If you are setting up your new iPhone and did not take any action to remove your U-Pass card from your old iPhone, you can remove your U-Pass card from your old iPhone, as long as it is still able to be turned on and connected to a network and logged in with YOUR Apple ID, by logging into iCloud, selecting Account Settings, selecting your old device, and following the prompts to remove your U-Pass® card from Apple Wallet. Once that is complete, select "Add Card" in Apple Wallet on your new iPhone and follow the steps to restore your U-Pass® card.

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What happens if the battery on my iPhone device dies and I need to use my U-Pass® card?

On iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR and newer, you can use power reserve with your Express Transit card. Power reserve enables you to quickly pay for rides and is available for up to five hours when your iPhone needs to be charged. To see if Express Transit cards are available when your iPhone needs to be charged, press the side button. Doing this often may significantly reduce the power reserve for Express Transit cards. If you choose to power off your iPhone, this feature will not be available.

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I already have a SmarTrip in my Apple Wallet, how do I use my U-Pass® after I have converted it?

You must turn on Express Mode for your U-Pass card which is a Transit Card. Follow the instructions here: Use Express Mode for Transit Cards in Apple Wallet

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