SmarTrip App

The SmarTrip app has arrived for iPhone.

Instantly add funds, buy money-saving passes, check balances, set up Auto Reload, and manage SmartBenefits from your employer all from the palm of your hand.

Cards purchased in the SmarTrip app automatically get added to Apple Wallet to pay for transit in the Washington, DC area including: all 91 Metrorail stations in DC, Maryland and Virginia, all Metro parking garages and lots, all Metrobus routes. Local bus systems in DC, Maryland and Virginia - including ART, DASH, Fairfax Connector, Cue, RideON, THE Bus, Circulator, Loudoun County Transit, and Potomac and Rappahannock Transit/PRTC.

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Manage Your Cards

SmarTrip cards registered to your account show at the top of the Cards screen and include plastic and mobile cards. Swipe left and right to scroll.

Total Balance equals Stored Value plus Transit Value. Stored Value is the cash on card; Transit Value is SmartBenefits allocation to pay for rail or bus trips. SmartBenefits Parking value is not included here.

The Active tab shows passes, their AutoReload status; and your SmartBenefits Parking benefit. Passes not yet on your card show under Pending.

SmartBenefits Transit Pass benefits, if enrolled, are further down on this screen.

A green check mark indicates a particular SmarTrip is on your phone or paired watch. Remember, a card is not shared between devices. If you wish to have a card on your phone and watch, you must purchase two cards.

Any stored value or pass purchased in app to a mobile SmarTrip card is available for immediate use.

smartrip app iphone cards screen

Add Value to Your SmarTrip

Adding money to your card is a breeze and will have you riding in minutes.

Choose the SmarTrip you wish to add money from the Cards app tab.

Tap "Add Passes or Stored Value"

Confirm you wish to "$ Add Stored Value" once more, then choose from one of the pre-selected amounts show (pictured here).

Before checkout, choose to enroll in Auto Reload. Auto Reload automatically adds money before you run out.

Finally, check out using the credit card saved to your account, or Apple Pay.

Your money is immediately available to use for your next bus or rail trip with a mobile SmarTrip. However, if you've added money to a plastic SmarTrip card, please allow processing time before the value is available for travel.

Add stored value screenshot

Add Passes to Your SmarTrip

Purchase a money saving pass without having to make a special trip to a rail station, Commuter Store, or sales location.

Start by choosing the SmarTrip card you wish to add a pass from the Cards tab in app.

Tap "Add Passes or Stored Value"

Choose from the pass list (pictured here). Use the "Transit System" tab for passes specific to Metro or a regional bus provider. "B" means the pass may be purchased using SmartBenefits.

Confirm your pass. If you've chosen the Monthly Unlimited Pass, select a price point.

Before checkout, choose to enroll in Auto Reload. Auto Reload automatically adds a new pass to your card before the old one expires.

Finally, check out using a credit card saved to your account, or Apple Pay.

Your pass is immediately available for your next bus or rail trip when using a mobile SmarTrip.

smartrip app iphone add passes

Requirements for the SmarTrip App

  • SmarTrip app is available on iPhone 8 or newer with iOS version 13.6 or later
  • Using your watch to pay for transit is available on an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer paired to an up-to-date iPhone
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