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We invite you to use this online form to make bulk delivery of these maps, timetables, and brochures easy and fast:

A visit to the Metro Trip Planner may also assist you in planning your order, by identifying which bus routes are involved in your trips.

If you'd like fewer than 50 pieces, please call 202-637-7000 (TTY 202-638-3780) to order.

Ordering Instructions

To order a publication for free delivery, specify the number of individual pieces you want, not boxes or bundles. For example, if you usually order 3 boxes, each with an estimated 1,000 pieces, write down 3,000. Then press the "Submit" button. You will receive an acknowledgement email to indicate your order is received and provide you with a receipt.

We print and distribute all publications listed below, as updated 2016-09-23. We do not distribute any others.

Requested publications that were not shipped are out of stock. They may be available to order again after 21 business days.

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