Federal Employee Benefit Status

WMATA has extended the deadline for February 2019 SmartBenefits orders to January 21, 2019. Federal agencies now have until January 25 to change the benefit status for furloughed employees. Employees should check their benefit status on or after January 28 to see if they will receive February benefits.

Begin by logging in to your SmarTrip account and selecting the card you use for your SmartBenefits.

On the right side of the screen, in the SmartBenefits, section, click the link that says "Upcoming Benefits" This will take you to a SmartBenefits dashboard that shows your enrollment status, either " Enrolled" or " On Hold".

If your SmartBenefits are "On Hold" and you use CommuterDirect to automatically buy MARC, MTA Commuter Bus, or VRE passes with SmartBenefits, and you did not cancel your February order, then your personal credit card may be charged.

If that happens, you can get a refund by mailing your February pass back to CommuterDirect. Return envelopes must be postmarked prior to the end of the January.

For more information, visit commuterdirect.com.