Permits and Forms

Temporary Use of WMATA Property - Permit Process

The use of Metro property by third-parties is governed by WMATA's Use Regulations. PDF Icon

WMATA must review and approve all construction projects adjacent to WMATA-owned properties in order to ensure that Metro facilities, operations and riders are not negatively impacted in the short or long term.

  1. Adjacent property owners must submit their plans for the Office of Joint Development and Adjacent Construction (JDAC) to determine impact or no impact to WMATA facilities. If impact is determined, a permit must be obtained from WMATA by the adjacent property owner.
  2. Property owners adjacent to WMATA property who wish to use WMATA property temporarily for any purposes during their project term must also obtain a permit to use WMATA property.

To start the review process, please visit the JDAC webpage: Adjacent Construction Program for steps to take.

A Real Estate Permit Application PDF Icon for use of WMATA property must be completed as part of the process outlined on the JDAC page.

Sample Real Estate Permit PDF Icon - This is the permit form (submitted for your information only) that will be completed by the Office of Real Estate and Station Planning once JDAC completes its review of all proposed adjacent construction work.

Sample Insurance Provisions PDF Icon - Limits of coverage will be determined when JDAC completes its review of the project work to be undertaken and notifies LAND to issue a Permit.

Filming on WMATA Property

To access WMATA's property for filming by anyone other than the news media, you must receive approval from the Office of Real Estate and Parking. For more information about WMATA's filming policies, including required fees and permits, please visit the WMATA Newsroom webpage: Filming Regulations for Non-News Media Requests

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