Closed Solicitations


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Solicitation Title Due
FQ17133/FRV Third Rail Composite Components 09/28/2017
FQ18004/KKB Replacement of Farragut North & Dupont Circle Condenser Piping 09/27/2017
FQ18030 Emergency Response Maps 09/27/2017
CQ18002/BTK Leasing of non-revenue medium duty dump trucks, and mid-size skid-steer tractors equipped with angle brooms and dump buckets. 09/25/2017
FQ17126 Regional Public Awareness 09/15/2017
FQ17101 Multifunction Protection Relays (MPRs) and Digital Power Quality Meters (DPMs) 09/13/2017
IFB FQ17125/NAC Relocation of Maintenance Department 09/11/2017
RFP CQ17184/JD Temporary Procurement Staffing Support Services 09/06/2017