Closed Solicitations


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Solicitation Title Due
RFP CQ17112 Federal/State Lobbying 07/31/2017
CQ17149 Right of Way Cleaning - General Services 07/26/2017
FQ17154 Driver Protection Shields 07/19/2017
CQ17115/RSC CQ17115/RSC – On-Site CCTV System Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Services and Replacement Parts for Bus Fleet, Storerooms and Service Lanes 07/19/2017
CQ17134/FRV Railbound Manganese Steel Frogs 07/19/2017
FQ15190/KKB Architect-Engineering (A/E) General Planning Services (A/E MATOCs) 07/14/2017
IFB CQ17121/JAD Bus Mechanic Tool Box Kits 07/12/2017