Closed Solicitations


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Solicitation Title Due
Customer Information Kiosks Customer Information Kiosks 04/30/2017
CQ17122 Coupler System Inventory Parts for WMATA Rail Cars 04/26/2017
IFB No. 17087R/DG Procurement of Main Drain Grates 04/26/2017
Legal Services Small tort Claims & Subrogation Matters 04/24/2017
CQ17025 Print Shop Production Printers, Supplies and Related Services 04/19/2017
RFP No. CQ17063/BTK Virgin Heavy-Duty Extended Life Coolant / Anti-freeze Pre-mixed 50/50 04/19/2017
01052017A Vehicle External Lighting and Safety System 04/18/2017
01052017B Vehicle Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) System 04/18/2017
Expression of Interest 8000 Series Railcars 04/18/2017
FQ17094/KKB Roof Replacement WMATA Seven Locations 04/12/2017
CQ17107 Miscellaneous Systems Inventory Parts for WMATA Rail Cars 04/05/2017
CQ17077R Voice Communications Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) 04/05/2017
CQ17106/KAM Travel Training For People With Disabilities 04/04/2017