Closed Solicitations


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Solicitation Title Due
CQ18028R Wellness Coordinator 12/28/2017
CQ18057 HVAC Inventory Parts for use in WMATA’s Bus Fleet 12/27/2017
CQ18067 Miscellaneous.2 Rail Car Body Inventory Parts 12/27/2017
CQ18065 Adobe Enterprise Licenses 12/20/2017
FQ18036 Tunnel Fan Control Panel Installation Materials 12/13/2017
CQ17130 Switch Points & Stock Rails 12/13/2017
RFI_IVR20171031 Interactive Voice Response 12/13/2017
FQ18062/LP Pick Up and Disposal Services for Transit Railcars 12/13/2017
CQ17182 Supply and Delivery of 80/90W Gear Oil 12/13/2017
CQ18027 HR Health Benefits & Welfare Outsourcing and Administration 12/06/2017