Monthly Meeting

December 1, 2010

I. Call to Order

II. Public Comment Period

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of Past Meeting Minutes

Draft September 2010 Meeting Minutes PDF Icon

Draft October 2010 Meeting Minutes PDF Icon

V. Elevator/Escalator Assessment

David Lacosse, Director, Office of Elevator and Escalator Maintenance, Metro

Elevator/Escalator Assessment Presentation PDF Icon

VI. Announcements

a. R.A.C. Elections

b. R.A.C. Appointments and Re-Appointments

VII. Questions/Comments on R.A.C. Chair and A.A.C. Chair Reports

VIII. Report by WMATA Governance Review Committee

a. Overview of 11/17 Public Meeting

November 17, 2010 Public Meeting Notes PDF Icon

b. WMATA Governance Review Report

WMATA Governance Review Report PDF Icon

c. Response to COG/BOT WMATA Governance Report

Draft Letter on Council of Governments/Board of Trade Recommendations PDF Icon

IX. Riders' Council - Internal Governance Discussion

X. Federal Transit Benefit Legislation Changes

Draft Letter on Transit Benefit Legislation PDF Icon

XI. Open Mic

XII. Adjournment