B11-03: Proposed Adjustments to Metrobus Service; October 11-13, 2011

See the docket PDF Icon for a detailed description of the proposal and information on how to participate in the public hearing process.

Overview of Proposed Changes

The specific proposals on the Public Hearing docket are as follows:

  1. The elimination of the R3 route;
  2. The elimination of the R5 route designation, with R5 service provided by the R1 and R2 on approximately the same headways.
  3. The elimination of Saturday service on the 3T, and elimination of service on all days between Tysons Corner Shopping Center and Tysons Westpark, on the 3T.
  4. Elimination of low ridership trips on various routes, including:
    DC trips on 62, 64, A4, B2, D2, D8, G2, H8, P6, U4, U5, W2, W6, W8;
    MD trips on C4, J2, Q4, Y7, Y9, C22, C26;
    VA trips on 1F
  5. Splitting the F4 and F6 into separate lines; rerouting the F6 to operate between New Carrollton and Fort Totten Metrorail stations;
  6. Restructuring the L1, L2, and L4 including the elimination of the L4;
  7. Restructuring the P1, P2, P6 including the elimination of the P1 and P2 and service after midnight Fridays and Saturdays between Rhode Island Avenue and Archives on the P6.

The savings realized from reducing these non-productive services will be used to add capacity on crowded routes; add running time to routes that are consistently late; add trips to expand non-rush hour service to areas of the greatest demand; and restructure routes to streamline service. Routes that will be improved in this bus service change proposal and their expected benefits are:

  • DC - B2, G8, L1, L2, P6, U5, and U6 running times, D6 additional AM service, U2 weekend service, M8,M9 extension;
  • MD - extension of weekday service, D12, D13, D14, F4, F6 running times and additional trips, 89 more frequent rush hour service;
  • VA - 23A, 23C running times, 25A extension of service, more running time, and more Sunday trips, 28X extension to Mark Center.