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For immediate release: January 26, 2010

Metro investigating employee accident

Two Metro Workers fatally stuck by track equipment

Automatic Train Control technicians Jeff Garrard and Sung Oh were struck and killed by a piece of track equipment early Tuesday morning, January 26, near the Rockville Metrorail station.
Jeffrey Garrard  Sung Oh
Garrard, 49, (left) of Clarksburg, MD, a Metro employee since April 1990, and Oh, 68, (right) of Montgomery County, MD, a Metro employee since December 1998, were installing new train control equipment in the track bed along an outbound section of track on the Red Line in the direction of Shady Grove when they were struck at about 1:45 a.m. near the Rockville Metrorail station. The Metro employees were struck by a high rail truck, a large truck that is equipped with special wheels that allow it to drive on the track when electricity that usually powers trains is taken down.

Delays continue along the Red Line as a result of the ongoing investigation. Red Line trains currently are operating between the Glenmont and Twinbrook Metrorail stations. There is no Red Line train service between the Shady Grove and Rockville Metrorail stations.

Metro is providing free shuttle bus service to help move customers between the Shady Grove, Rockville and Twinbrook Metrorail stations. However, customers should expect long waits for the shuttle bus service as a bus only can carry about 50 passengers while a six-car train can carry about 800 passengers.

Riders are encouraged to avoid the Shady Grove and Rockville Metrorail stations, if possible, and to use the nearby Twinbrook and Grosvenor-Strathmore Metrorail stations to catch a train. 

Riders may also consider Metrobus and Ride-On services as an alternative. Some routes to consider include:

• From Hungerford Drive to Veirs Mill Road, consider Metrobus routes Q4 and Q6. The Q4 operates from the Rockville Metrorail station to the Wheaton, Forest Glen and Silver Spring Metrorail stations every 30 minutes. The Q6 operates from the Shady Grove Metrorail station to the Rockville and Wheaton Metrorail stations every 30 minutes.

• Ride-On route 46. This route serves the Rockville, Twinbrook, White Flint, Grosvenor-Strathmore and Medical Center Metrorail stations every 15 minutes.

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News release issued at 11:19 am, January 26, 2010.