For immediate release: April 3, 2023

‘Welcome Aboard’: Metro Supports Autism Acceptance Month with ‘Special’ In-Stations Announcements Featuring Local Enthusiast with Autism

Many young people with autism have a unique connection with transit. In recognition of that special bond, Metro invited 26 budding train announcers with autism to record boarding and safety announcements that will be heard throughout the transit system in the month of April to raise awareness about autism during Autism Acceptance Month and the Autism Transit Project. 

Metro will honor and acknowledge each participant at the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station on Thursday, April 20 at 4:15 p.m. 

This is Metro’s first time participating in the project and joins fellow transit agencies - Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) and the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) – in supporting this meaningful cause. 

“Metro is proud to support the Autism Transit Project and appreciates the young transit enthusiasts for using their voices and unique gifts to spread awareness about autism to our Metro customers,” said Metro General Manager and CEO Randy Clarke. 

“Metro holds a special place in the hearts of many local autistic children. For some of these kids who gravitate towards the subway system, the first full sentence they may utter is a service announcement they hear on platform loudspeakers,” said Jonathan Trichter, creator/founder of the Autism Transit Project. “Frontline workers experience this special relationship every day. This is an opportunity for Metro to celebrate that and raise awareness around individuals who are different but similar…and no less. I hope that next year for Autism Awareness Month transit systems across the world hear about this project and do something like it in their cities.” 

According to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, about 1 in 36 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder. 

Below is the list of participants that customers will hear at #YourMetro stations throughout the region: 

  • Christopher, 13 
  • Victor, 23 
  • Jackson, 25 
  • James
  • Seth, 11 
  • Ezra, 5 
  • Calvin, 6 
  • Sara, 24 
  • Jasper, 17 
  • Elias, 7 
  • Jude, 10 
  • Nadim, 21 
  • Alexander, 8 
  • Owen, 22 
  • Owen, 19 
  • Taylor, 20 
  • Sammy, 18 
  • Benjamin, 16 
  • Michael, 13 
  • Max, 4 
  • Alex, 28 
  • Aubrey, 15 
  • Hannah, 3 
  • Kaylani, 27 
  • Hector, 26 
  • Eli, 9 
An event reminder will be sent prior to the April 20 event. 

About the Autism Transit Project: Jonathan Trichter spent the first 30 years of his career in communications, investment banking, corporate restructuring and venture capital. After his personal life was touched by autism, he turned his full attention to providing the best therapies and services available to autistic children. He owns and operates several special needs schools and other programs for kids with neurological differences in New York, Connecticut and the Pacific Northwest, including The Foundry Learning Center and Hubbard Day School.