For immediate release: February 24, 2022

Metro announces travel alternatives for this summer’s platform reconstruction on the Orange Line

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Metro today announced travel alternatives to help customers prepare for the summer closures of New Carrollton, Landover, Cheverly, Deanwood and Minnesota Avenue stations, as part of the final phase of the Platform Improvement Project. These Orange Line stations will be closed from Saturday, May 28 through Monday, Sept. 5 for platform reconstruction and station modernization. During that time, Metro will provide free shuttle buses along three convenient routes and offer free customer parking at all closed stations. 

As Metro and its contractors establish construction zones and conduct preparatory work for the summer shutdown, customers may experience weekend service disruptions, parking closures, pedestrian detours and bus stop relocations. Additional information and travel alternatives for the summer closure and preparatory work are available below and at

“We are excited to continue the work of rebuilding safer, more accessible, and modernized stations. With a combination of free shuttle bus service and local bus routes available to keep customers moving, we encourage customers to start planning now if their travel will be impacted this summer,” said Metro General Manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld. “Completing this work is the final step to reaching our goal of rehabilitating and modernizing 20 outdoor stations, and represent our commitment to delivering improved safety and service reliability systemwide through our capital program.” 

This summer’s Orange Line station closures will mark the completion of Metro’s four-year Platform Improvement Project, an initiative under Metro’s capital improvement program to reconstruct deteriorating outdoor Metrorail platforms and implement major station improvements to enhance customer safety, convenience and communication. By implementing around-the-clock closures to complete this intensive work, Metro has minimized service impacts across the rest of the system and restored normal service faster than would otherwise be possible. During this time, Metro will take advantage of the closed tracks to rehabilitate six bridges on this section of the Orange Line. 

Customer Information 

Pre-Closure Weekend Shutdowns 

Three weekend rail service shutdowns will take place between Stadium-Armory & New Carrollton stations on March 5-6, May 7-8, and May 14-15. Free shuttle buses will be available for all weekend closures. 


Beginning May 28, parking will be free for Metro riders at New Carrollton, Landover, Cheverly, Deanwood and Minnesota Ave stations for the duration of the station closures. 

Portions of the Park & Ride and Kiss & Ride lots at the five impacted Orange Line stations are closed for approximately one year to stage construction equipment and materials. Review detailed parking information for station-specific impacts. 

Rail Service 

  • There will be no Orange Line service between Stadium-Armory and New Carrollton stations from May 28-Sept. 5. 
  • Orange Line service will operate between Vienna and Stadium-Armory stations. 
Travel Alternatives 

Free shuttle bus service will operate at all closed stations on the Orange Line and connect customers to Stadium-Armory Station, where rail service will be available. The shuttles will run throughout the summer shutdown, from May 28 through Sept. 5. In collaboration with regional officials and transportation agencies, Metro is encouraging customers to consider regular-route bus service offered by Metrobus and Prince George’s County TheBus

2022-PIP-Shuttle-Map-v2 Free shuttle bus service will be available at the closed stations: 

  • Local service between New Carrollton, Landover, Cheverly, Deanwood and Minnesota Ave stations every 15-20 minutes. 
  • Express service between New Carrollton, Landover and Stadium-Armory stations every 10-15 minutes. 
  • Express service between Deanwood, Minnesota Ave and Stadium-Armory stations every 10-15 minutes. 
Additional Resources 

Metro will keep customers and stakeholders informed during the summer shutdown. Click here to sign up for updates to receive the latest project information. 

About the Platform Improvement Project 

Metro’s Platform Improvement Project is dedicated to making platforms safer and more accessible for all customers. As part of this multi-year project, Metro is rebuilding deteriorated platforms at 20 outdoor Metrorail stations. While station platforms are reconstructed, Metro is using the time to make improvements that enhance the customer experience with a higher level of safety, accessibility and convenience. Key customer experience improvements include new slip-resistant tiles, brighter energy-efficient LED lighting, larger digital display screens, new stainless-steel platform shelters with charging ports and new surveillance systems. 

Metro’s Capital Improvement Program 

Metro is investing in system safety, reliability and the region's economy through its 10-year, $15 billion capital program. For the first time in Metro's history, the capital program is bolstered by dedicated funding from Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. The capital program will improve the customer experience and keep the region's infrastructure in a state of good repair by investing in new railcars and buses, improving stations and platforms, upgrading fire-suppression and emergency response systems, replacing and repairing tracks, tunnels, bridges, signals and communications systems, rebuilding decades-old bus garages and providing modern customer amenities such as passenger information systems. By spending local taxpayer dollars for capital projects, Metro is seeking to reinvest in our hometown economy, creating jobs and encouraging participation from disadvantaged, minority-owned, and small businesses in the region.