For immediate release: December 23, 2020

Know before you go: Real time crowding information now available for Metrobus and Metrorail

Metrobus customers can now see how full a bus is before it arrives, empowering them with more information to decide when and how to travel. Customers can find this real time information when tracking their bus at, and in our open data feed for third-party transit and mapping applications like Google Maps.

Metrobus data is made possible by technology aboard every bus that senses when customers enter and exit. Metrorail doors are not equipped with the same sensors, but rail crowding predictions are also available based on recent crowding data. 

“Metro is doing our part to help Metro customers feel safe when traveling, and we’re proud to release this new tool to help customers make more informed travel decisions,” said Metro General Manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld. “Social distancing is a top concern as we all navigate this public health crisis, and we hope customers find this information valuable when deciding when to ride.”   

When accessing the data, customers will see a bus or train’s capacity in one of the following categories: 

Many seats available

  • Bus less than 25% occupied
  • Rail car less than 20% occupied

Few seats available

  • Bus 25-49% occupied
  • Rail car 20%-32% occupied


  • Bus is occupied 50% or greater
  • Rail car is occupied 33% or greater

The categories are based on public health recommendations for social distancing, and will be adjusted based on the latest recommendations. Social distancing may not be possible on every train and bus.

Metro may temporarily suspend crowding data from the data feed and website for large-scale events, unplanned service disruptions, or significant track work when this information may become unreliable to customers.

In order to continually improve the accuracy of this tool, Metro is asking customers to provide feedback about their experience using the this form for Metrorail and this form for Metrobus.