For immediate release: October 27, 2020

Metro wants to know what you think about proposed station name changes

What's in a name? When it comes to Metro stations, a lot. Station names are important to riders finding their way on the system, and they foster a "sense of place," often serving as the primary landmark and name for surrounding neighborhoods. However, if a Metro station name is no longer serving its intended purpose, a city or county can ask Metro to consider changing it.

Metro has received two formal requests—one from Fairfax County and one from Prince George's County—to change the name of a Metro station within their jurisdiction. Under Metro's policy, these requests will be considered by the Metro Board of Directors, which can approve or decline the request. The Board wants to know what riders think as part of this process and is welcoming feedback from anyone in the region through a quick online survey at

Fairfax County is requesting that Tysons Corner Station be changed to "Tysons Station," dropping the word "Corner" from use on system maps, digital signs, the website, SmarTrip app, in-system directional signage, and other materials.

Meanwhile, Prince George's County officials have asked the Metro Board to approve changing the name of Prince George's Plaza Station to "Hyattsville Crossing." (The name of the adjacent "West Hyattsville Station" would not change.)

Under Metro’s station naming policy, adopted in 2012, the jurisdiction making the name change request must commit to funding the full cost of the change, such as reprinting maps, fabricating new permanent signs, and reprogramming systems that provide electronic information to customers — across the 91-station Metrorail system. The policy also sets forth the following guidelines for any new station name:

  • Names should identify the station locations by geographic features such as landmarks or centers of activity.
  • Names should be distinctive and evoke imagery in the mind of the patron.
  • Names should be no longer than 19 characters, except for transfer station names, which should be no longer than 13 characters.

To share your opinion on these proposed changes, Metro has set up a public survey on Responses will be accepted through Monday, November 2, 2020, at 5 p.m.