Metro News Release

For immediate release: August 22, 2016

Metro expands SelectPass options, more than $1 million in sales since launch of pilot

Following a successful initial pilot phase, Metro today announced that it has expanded its new discounted monthly SelectPass to include additional pricing levels.

SelectPass was introduced earlier this year to give customers the option of selecting their own price for unlimited travel. The pass is priced based on 18 days of round-trip travel while customers can take unlimited rail trips (up to the selected value) all month long.

Effective immediately, SelectPass offers nine price points for September passes. The rail passes will be priced at quarter increments starting at $2.25 up to $4.00, plus the $5.90 maximum fare.

“Customers wanted a monthly pass with more price options, one where they could name their own price,” said Wiedefeld. “Expanding the SelectPass pilot now gives customers the flexibility to purchase a pass that fits their individual travel needs.”

SelectPass is easy and convenient. Customers pay once a month, the pass is loaded onto their registered SmarTrip® card and they don’t pay anything else as long as they stay within their price range.

SelectPass launched in April as a pilot program on a limited time basis, offering customers unlimited rides at a discounted price. In the initial phase, customers had the option of choosing from two price points ($2.25 or $3.75) with the option of adding an unlimited Metrobus pass for an additional fee. 

Since the pilot began, Metro has sold approximately 11,000 passes and total sales exceeded $1.2 million in just over four months. In a survey of SelectPass users customers praised the additional flexibility and freedom the pass offers, with comments including:

  • “I’m saving money and I don’t have to worry about how much is on my account!”
  • “Freedom! I don’t have to worry about making extra stops during a trip, or running an extra errand, calculating how much each activity will cost me in extra metro fees. I go where I want, when I want, getting to work and exploring the city without worry! Thank you for SelectPass!”
  • “It’s allowing me to ride the Metro more often than I regularly would because of the money I am saving. I’m also able to travel further distances and pay a smaller amount. I love the select pass.”

For more information on SelectPass visit  To purchase a pass log in to a registered SmarTrip account at and click on "add pass."

News release issued at 2:26 pm, August 22, 2016.