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For immediate release: August 31, 2010

Real-time next train arrival information now available by phone

New customer convenience helps riders make transit choices

Metrorail customers can now get real-time next train arrival information by phone, in addition to online and via web-enabled mobile devices.

Customers may simply call Metro’s Customer Information phone number, 202-637-7000, and say “Next Train.” They then will be prompted to say a station name or enter the first four letters of the station name to hear when the next trains will arrive at the selected station within a 20-minute window.

For stations that serve more than two Metrorail lines, such as Gallery Pl-Chinatown, L’Enfant Plaza and Metro Center Metrorail stations, customers will be prompted to say or enter the Metrorail line color they are traveling on such as “Red Line” or “Green Line.”

“Up-to-the-minute information is key to the convenience of transit; the easier it is to know when your train is coming, the easier it is to manage your schedule,” said Metro Board Member Chris Zimmerman, who chairs the Board’s Customer Service, Operations and Safety Committee.

“This service improvement is designed to give customers real time information literally at their fingertips,” said Metro General Manager Richard Sarles. “Metro is working to help customers make an informed decision about their travel plans by providing them with multiple ways to get up-to-the-minute train information.”

Customers may also get real-time next train arrival information on Metro’s Web site and through web-enabled mobile devices. To access the information online, customers can visit, select “Rail” under “Next Bus & Train Arrivals” at the top of the page, and then select a station. The page will refresh every 20 seconds.

To access next train arrival information through a web-enabled device, customers can visit on their device, select “Next Train,” and then select a station.

In addition to train information, real-time Next Bus arrival information also is available online, via web-enabled mobile devices, and by calling 202-637-7000 and saying “Next Bus.”

Q & A: Real-time next train arrival information

News release issued at 2:36 pm, August 31, 2010.