For immediate release: December 19, 2018

Metro, AT&T, Sprint, T‐Mobile and Verizon Wireless announce major milestone in tunnel wireless coverage

Today Metro and the nation’s leading wireless carriers, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless announced that more than half of Metro’s tunnels are now wired for cellular and data service. The milestone was accompanied by the formal announcement of three new tunnel segments coming online as “wireless ready.”

The three new “wireless ready” tunnel segments announced today are: 

  • Orange Line Silver Line between Ballston and Rosslyn (5.6 track miles) 
  • Blue Line Orange Line Silver Line between Rosslyn and Metro Center (4.8 track miles) 
  • Green Line between College Park and Fort Totten (7.4 track miles)

The new tunnel segments will undergo ongoing testing and optimization by the wireless carriers to address any performance issues and ensure reliable service for customers.

Cellular service is currently available in all Metro stations and on portions of all six Metrorail lines, including most of Downtown DC. Just over 50 of Metro’s 100 miles of tunnel track have been wired for the new system, with new underground segments coming online as the work is completed. Cellular service in all tunnel segments is expected by mid-2020.

For additional information on wireless coverage already available in Metro tunnels:

Red Line between Union Station and Dupont Circle stations

Green Line / Yellow lines between Gallery Place and Fort Totten stations

Blue, Silver lines between Benning Road and Largo Town Center stations

Blue, Orange and Silver lines between Metro Center and Potomac Ave stations

Red Line between Glenmont and Silver Spring stations

Blue, Orange and Silver lines between Potomac Ave and Stadium-Armory stations