For immediate release: October 5, 2017

Suspect who threw Sterno can at X2 bus operator arrested by MTPD overnight, was also wanted for armed robbbery and assault

Aric Holmes

A suspect arrested overnight by Metro Transit Police detectives for assaulting an X2 Metrobus operator with a Sterno can yesterday also is being charged in connection with two more serious cases. 

Aric Lewis Holmes, 19, of Southeast DC was arrested by MTPD detectives and Crime Suppression Unit members shortly after 10:30 p.m. yesterday in the area of Minnesota Avenue Metrorail Station. Detectives also arrested his associate John Webb McPhaul, 21, of Northeast DC.

In a post-arrest interview, Holmes admitted to throwing an empty Sterno can at the X2 operator after he, McPhaul and a third individual were not permitted to board the bus with a gasoline-powered leaf blower. The incident occurred shortly before noon yesterday at 14th and H streets, NE. 

The Sterno can did not strike the operator, who was behind a closed safety shield. Detectives used digital video footage from aboard the bus to identify the suspects.

Holmes and McPhaul are also charged with Armed Robbery and Assault with Intent to Rob (AWIR) in connection with two unrelated cases that occurred earlier this week. 

In the first case, which occurred at 8:30 p.m. Monday, October 2, Holmes and McPhaul are charged with robbing a 17-year-old male who was waiting for a bus outside Minnesota Avenue Station. Holmes allegedly displayed a weapon, described by the victim as a handgun, and demanded property, including the victim’s belt, “Yeazy” shoes and backpack. When he was stopped by MTPD detectives, Holmes was wearing “Yeazy” shoes matching those taken from the victim.

In the second case, which occurred later the same night outside Minnesota Avenue Station, Holmes and McPhaul approached an adult male victim who was waiting for a bus, took the victim’s cigarette and said, “You got money?” The victim said no, stood up and started to walk away when Holmes and McPhaul, began to assault him. An MTPD officer at Minnesota Avenue Station ran toward the bus bay and the suspects fled. The victim suffered minor injuries and refused medical attention.

Both Holmes and McPhaul are expected to make their first court appearance today.