For immediate release: May 22, 2023

Metro seeks customer feedback at exhibit on train fleet of the future

With the design of Metro’s train fleet of the future underway, customers are invited to visit a pop-up exhibit at Gallery Place – Chinatown Metro Station to view current concepts and provide input on the look, layout, and features of trains. The fleet of the future is expected to start serving customers in 2026. The pop-up will feature physical samples, renderings, and videos allowing the public to interact with and provide feedback on the design of the new trains. 

Located at Gallery Place – Chinatown Station at the 7th and F St. entrance near the faregates, the exhibit will be open at designated times tomorrow, May 23, through May 30. Visit for the full schedule. 

“We’re designing Metro’s fleet of the future for all of our customers, and we’re working hard to get as much public input as possible throughout the process,” said Metro General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Randy Clarke. “Metro’s next generation of trains will serve our region for decades, so we must ensure customer needs are met, while incorporating advances in technology that will allow our system to evolve with our trains.”  

Proposed concepts for Metro’s train fleet of the future include: 

Safety improvements 
  • Open gangways between two cars to improve safety and customer flow, especially for customers traveling with wheelchairs, bicycles, luggage, and strollers 
  • Expanded CCTV coverage and real-time train monitoring
  • Illuminated emergency call buttons for improved visibility 
Customer Experience Improvements 
  • Charging ports 
  • Reconfigured seating, with more horizontal seating to increase capacity and create wider aisles
  • Increased size and number digital information displays in more visible locations 
Accessibility improvements
  • Designated space for wheelchairs, separate from space for bicycles, luggage, strollers 
  • Floor to ceiling handholds at center of cars
  • New LED lighting to indicate doors opening and closing 
  • Clearer public announcement systems 
Sustainability improvements 
  • Lighter aluminum exterior car body, which reduces wear and tear on track infrastructure and energy use 
  • Heated flooring for energy efficiency 
Metro’s fleet of the future will be built by Hitachi Rail at a new factory in Hagerstown, Maryland. The new factory is already creating local jobs and returning the region’s investment in Metro back to our community. Learn more at

Fleet of Future schedule