For immediate release: April 11, 2023

Metro to reveal Better Bus Visionary Network with 50 Events in 50 Days

Metro today announced 50 events in 50 days kicking off the next phase of its Better Bus Network Redesign. During this phase, Metro will also provide a first look at the draft Visionary Network of the future that provides frequent, fast, and reliable service, matches the region's changing travel needs, advances equity and sustainability, and increases access to opportunities.

Starting Monday, April 17 through Monday, June 5, Metro will host community-focused events across the region and launch an interactive website where customers can explore the reimagined bus network and provide input.

The Better Bus "Experience LIVE!" will include in-person workshops, community pop-up events, and virtual "lunch and learns." The virtual "Experience LAB" will also offer people an interactive tool that enables customers to compare their trip today to their routes in the draft Visionary Network, as well as a map library to explore route profiles and the network as a whole.

"We want to create a bus network that is easier for customers to use, more efficient, and aligned with where and when people want to travel," said Metro Board Chair Paul C. Smedberg. "We want people to take the bus because it's the best, most reliable and sustainable option. The draft Visionary Network is the first step to getting there and creating a more equitable transit network."

The bus network envisioned under the draft proposal includes expanding the high frequency service network from 36 routes to approximately 100 routes that would operate every 20 minutes or less, regional 24-hour bus service, more routes operating seven days a week, and more direct connections to where customers want to go. The draft Visionary Network provides a long-term roadmap to create the bus network the region needs.

"We are committed to providing fast, frequent, and reliable service that is a quality experience for our customers and operators," said General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Randy Clarke. "Our region needs a network that matches when and where people want to travel, addresses inequities, and gets more people on buses and out of cars providing environmental benefits to the region."

Under the draft Visionary Network, more people would have access to more bus service, seven days a week, 24-hours a day including:

  • 73% more people with access to high-frequency bus service on Saturdays
  • 64% more people with access to high-frequency bus service on Sundays
  • 123,000 and 208,000 more residents on Saturdays and Sundays will have bus service
  • 1.1 million residents across the region will have 24-hour bus service; 307,000 more will have late-night bus service (10 p.m. to 2 a.m.)

The network redesign incorporates feedback gathered in the first phase last fall, including more than 11,000 people, as well as bus operators and our regional transit partners. The proposal will allow Metro to better connect people to where they want to go through an easy-to-use bus network, no matter where customers are.

The Better Bus Network Redesign builds on the previously completed Bus Transformation Project (BTP), a comprehensive study conducted in partnership with local agencies, to create a plan to transform bus service.

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