For immediate release: December 1, 2023

Metrobus reserves a seat in honor of Rosa Parks Day and the Civil Rights icon

Metro is commemorating Rosa Parks Day and the historic icon who helped spark the Civil Rights Movement. Today, every bus in our Metrobus fleet will proudly feature a reserved seat in her honor. Each seat will be marked with a sign featuring an image of Parks saying, “Today, this seat is reserved in honor of Rosa Parks.”

The tribute comes on the 68th anniversary of Parks’ brave act of civil disobedience and arrest that launched a bus boycott after she refused to give up her seat on a city bus in Montgomery, AL.

“Today we honor the life and legacy of Rosa Parks, who stood fast in the face of injustice and changed the course of history,” said Metro Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer Darlene Slaughter. “We ask customers to join us in celebrating her legacy through this small gesture to recognize her enormous contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.”

In addition, Metro’s 1957 Rosa Parks Metrobus, was on display at the Fort Totten Station this morning. The exterior of the bus reads "It All Started on a Bus; Rosa Parks; 1913-2005; The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.” Parks is pictured seated on the outside of the bus, with silhouetted images on the windows inside.

The Rosa Parks Metrobus debuted in 2005, nearly 20 years ago, and has been used in the region’s tribute to Parks after her death. Last year, Metro also added a new tradition for the first time, beginning the annual tribute to reserve a seat on Dec. 1 for Rosa Parks Day.

Rosa Parks Day Reserved Seat Sign