Board of Directors Meeting - October 27, 2022

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday October 27, 2022

10:30 AM

Committee Name: Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for October 27, 2022

I. Call to Order/Roll Call – Ms. Ellison

II. Approval of Agenda – Mr. Smedberg

III. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Smedberg
B. September 22, 2022 Executive Session
C. September 29, 2022 Executive Session
D. October 13, 2022 Executive Session
E. October 17, 2022 Executive Session
F. October 21, 2022 Executive Session

IV. Employee Spotlight
- 2022 Metrobus Roadeo 1st Place Winner
- Bus Transportation, Main Event: Robert Miles, Bus Operator
- Bus Transportation Pre-Trip Inspection: Tonya Varner, Bus Operator
- Bus Maintenance: 
- Edgar Villalobos-Elias, Mechanic
- Adam Mentzer, Mechanic
- William Madaras, Mechanic

- Metro Transit Police Department
- Detective Chad Eagerton
- Detective Brett Chavis
- Detective Brandon Twentymon
- Sergeant Brian Minson
- Detective Kelvin Rodriguez
- Detective Kurth Smith
V. Public Comment – Mr. Smedberg

VIII. Report by Chair

IX. Report by General Manager

X. Report by Finance and Capital Committee

XI. Consent Items

XII. Reports by
NVTC – Mr. Smedberg
D.C. – Ms. Babers
WSTC – Mr. Ports
Federal Government –Ms. Kline

XIII. Adjournment