Board of Directors Meeting  - March 24, 2022 - Followed by:

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday March 24, 2022

9:30 AM

Committee Name: Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for March 24, 2022

I. Call to Order/Roll Call – Ms. Ellison

II. Approval of Agenda – Mr. Smedberg

III. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Smedberg
C. February 24, 2022 Executive Session 
D. March 10, 2022 Executive Session 

IV. Public Comment – Mr. Smedberg

VI. Report by the Riders' Advisory Council – Mr. Meyer

VII. Report by Chair – Mr. Smedberg

VIII. Report by General Manager – Mr. Wiedefeld

IX. Report by Finance and Capital Committee – Mr. Letourneau

X. Consent Items – Mr. Smedberg

XI. Reports by 
NVTC – Mr. Smedberg
D.C. – Ms. Babers
WSTC – Mr. Ports
Federal Government – Ms. Martin-Proctor

XII. Adjournment