Board of Directors Meeting July 23 2020 at 9:00 am followed by

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday July 23, 2020

9:00 AM

I. Call to Order/Roll Call Ms. Ellison

II. Approval of Agenda Mr. Smedberg

III. Approval of Minutes Mr. Smedberg

A. June 11, 2020 Board Meeting
B. June 23, 2020 Special Board Meeting
C. June 11, 2020 Executive Session
D. June 16, 2020 Executive Session
E. June 23, 2020 Executive Session
F. July 9, 2020 Executive Session

IV. Employee Spotlight Mr. Wiedefeld
- Dr. Amy Espy-Smith, Chief Medical Officer

V. Public Comment Mr. Smedberg

VI. Report by Accessibility Advisory Committee Mr. Posner

VII. Report by Riders’ Advisory Council Mr. Kierig

VIII. Report by Chair Mr. Smedberg
A. Approval of Riders’ Advisory Council Appointments

IX. Report by General Manager Mr. Wiedefeld
A. COVID-19 Update
B. General Manager’s Monthly Report

X. Report by Executive Committee Mr. Smedberg
A. Approval of Revisions to Procurement Procedures Manual

XI. Report by Finance and Capital Committee Mr. McMillin
A. New Carrollton Joint Development Approvals

XII. Consent Items Mr. Smedberg
A. Indemnification for ISO Claims Indexing Service - This item was removed from the agenda
B. Fairfax County Student Bus Pass Program
C. Montgomery County Kids Ride Free Program

XIII. Reports by
NVTC Mr. Smedberg
D.C. Ms. Gidigbi
WSTC Mr. Goldman
Federal Government Mr. Horner

XI. Adjournment