Board of Directors Meeting - April 26, 2018 at 10 a.m. followed by

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday April 26, 2018

10:00 AM

Committee Name: Board of Directors Meeting

 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for April 26, 2018

I.      Call to Order/Roll Call - Mrs. Ellison 

II.     Approval of Agenda - Mr. Evans

III.    Approval of Minutes 
          A.  March 22, 2018 Board Meeting 
          B.  March 22, 2018 Executive Session 
          C.  April 12, 2018 Executive Session 

IV.     Welcome to "Take Your Child to Work Day" Participants - Mr. Evans/Mr. Wiedefeld

V.       Employee Spotlight - Mr. Wiedefeld
           Alexis Harris, Bus Operator

VI.     Public Comment

VIII.   Report by Riders' Advisory Council - Ms. Kortum 

IX.      Report by Chair - Mr. Evans 

X.        Report by General Manager - Mr. Wiedefeld 

XI.      Report by Capital & Strategic Planning Committee - Mr. Corcoran 

XII.    Report by Finance & Budget Committee - Mr. Goldman 

XIII.   Recognition of Board Member Keturah Harley 

XIV.    Swearing-in of Board Member Clarence Crawford

XV.      Jurisdictional Reports

XVI.    Adjournment