Board of Directors Meeting - April 23, 2020 at 9 a.m. followed by

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday April 23, 2020

9:00 AM

Committee Name: Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for April 23, 2020 

I.     Call to Order/Roll Call - Ms. Ellison

II.    Approval of Agenda - Mr. Smedberg

III.   Approval of Minutes - Mr. Smedberg

         A. February 27, 2020 Board Meeting

         B. March 12, 2020 Special Board Meeting

         C. March 23, 2020 Emergency Board Meeting

         D. April 2, 2020 Special Board Meeting

IV.   Employee Spotlight - Mr. Smedberg/Mr. Wiedefeld - Item removed from agenda

V.     Public Comment

VI.    Report by Accessibility Advisory Committee - Mr. Posner

VII.   COVID-19 Response Update - Ms. Impastato

VIII.  Report by Chair - Mr. Smedberg

           A. CARES Act Allocation 

IX.     Report by General Manager - Mr. Wiedefeld

X.      Report by Finance and Capital Committee - Mr. McMillin

          A. Approval of 2020 Dedicated Revenue Bond Resolutions and Issuance

XI.    Consent Items

          A. Easements for Potomac Yard Station Project 

          B. Amend WMATA Debt Management Policy and Indemnify Financial Institutions - Item removed from agenda

XII.   Jurisdictional Reports

XIII.  Adjournment