Board of Directors Meeting at 11:00 AM

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday December 15, 2016

11:00 AM


I.  Approval of Agenda - Mr. Evans

II. Certification of Executive Sessions - Mr. Corcoran
        A. December 1, 2016
        B. December 15, 2016

III. Approval of Minutes - Mr. Evans
        A.  November 17, 2016
        B.  November 17, 2016 Executive Session 
        C. December 1, 2016 Executive Session

IV. Employee Spotlight - Mr. Wiedefeld
      Darick Brown, Special Police Officer
      Joey Brown, Bus Operator
      Curtis Burrell, Bus Operator
      Carl Edwards, Bus Operator

V.  Public Comment

VI. Report by Accessibility Advisory Committee - Mr. Sheehan

VII. Report by Riders' Advisory Council  - Ms. Hermanson

VIII. Report by Chair - Mr. Evans
        A. Recognition of Riders' Advisory Council Chair Barbara Hermanson 
        B. Revision to Board of Directors' Committee Assignments 
IX. Report by GM/CEO - Mr. Wiedefeld

X. Report by Customer Service, Operations and Security Committee - Mrs. Hudgins
        A. Approval of Metrorail Span of Service and Supplemental Bus Service, Acceptance of Title VI and Public Hearing Staff Reports

XI. Report by Finance Committee - Mr. Goldman
        A. Approval of SelectPass Fare Product 
XII. Consent Items 
        B. Rescission of Resolution Regarding Operation and Maintenance of Takoma Langley Crossroads Transit Center - Ms. Lee
        C. Approval of Indemnification of MillerCoors for New Years' Eve Service - Ms. Bowersox

XIII. Jurisdictional Reports

XIV. Adjournment

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