Board of Directors Meeting

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday October 27, 2016

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for October 27, 2016 at 1:00 PM 

Action Items

        I.  Approval of Agenda

II.  Certification of Executive Sessions
- Mr. Corcoran

A.  September 22, 2016

B.  October 13, 2016

C.  October 27, 2016

III.  Approval of Minutes - Mr. Evans

Action Items

        A.  September 22, 2016

B.  September 22, 2016 Executive Session

C.  October 13, 2016 Executive Session

IV.  Public Comment

Information Items

        V.  Report by Accessibility Advisory Committee - Mr. Sheehan

        VI.  Report by Riders' Advisory Council - Ms. Hermanson

VII.  Report by Chair - Mr. Evans

Action Items

        A.  Approval of Riders' Advisory Council Appointment

VIII. Report by GM/CEO - Mr. Wiedefeld

IX. Report By Customer Service, Operations and Security Committee - Mrs. Hudgins

Action Items

        A.  Approval of 2017 Inauguration Special Service, Fares and Security Assistance

X. Report by Audits and Investigations Committee - Mr. Corcoran

Action Items

        A.  Receipt of FY2016 External Audit Deliverables

XI.  Report by Administration Committee - Ms. Harley

Action Items

        A.  Approval of One-Year Extension of Parts Bridging Program

XII.  Report by Governance Committee - Mr. Price

Action Items

        A.  Approval of Revisions to Board Bylaws and Code of Ethics and Rescission of Board              Procedures - DEFERRED

XIII.  Consent Items

Action Items

        A.  - Amend FY2017-2022 CIP and FY2017 Operating Reimbursable Budget to Incorporate DHS Grant-Funded Security Projects - D. Anosike

        B.  Approval of Indemnification of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission - J. Thomas

XIV. Committee Updates

A. Administration
- Ms. Harley

B. Audits and Investigations - Mr. Corcoran

C. Capital Program, Planning and Real Estate
- Mr. Strickland

D. Customer Service, Operations and Safety
- Mrs. Hudgins

E. Executive Committee
- Mr. Evans

F. Finance Committee
- Mr. Goldman

G. Governance Committee
- Mr. Price

H. Safety Committee - Ms. Carmody

XV. Reports by

DC - Mr. Evans

WSTC - Ms. Harley

NVTC - Mr. Corcoran

Federal Government - Mr. Strickland

XVI. Adjournment

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