Board of Directors Meeting - July 27, 2017 at 10 a.m. followed by

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday July 27, 2017

10:00 AM

 Board Meeting

 I.      Approval of Agenda - Mr. Evans

II.     Approval of Minutes - Mr. Evans

         A. June 22, 2017 Board Meeting

         B. June 22, 2017 Executive Session

         C. July 13, 2017 Executive Session

         D. July 20, 2017 Executive Session

III.   Employee Spotlight - Mr. Wiedefeld
         Anthony Perkins, Bus Operator
         Michael Thomas, Bus Operator

IV.   Swearing-In of New Board Members - Mr. Evans 

        David Horner

        Steve McMillin

V.    Public Comment

VI.  Report by Accessibility Advisory Committee - Mr. Sheehan

VII. Report by Riders' Advisory Council
- Ms. Kortum

VIII.   Report by General Manager - Mr. Wiedefeld

IX.    Report by Capital Planning and Real Estate Committee - Mr. Strickland
         A. Approval of College Park Compact Public Hearing Staff Report
         B. Parking Revenue Enhancements
         C. Reimbursable Project for Union Station Metro Station Entrance and Mezzanine Improvements

X.    Report by Customer Service, Operations and Security Committee - Mrs. Hudgins
         A. Approval of Public Hearing on FY2018 Metrobus Service Changes

XI.   Report by Finance Committee - Mr. Goldman
         A. Series 2017B Debt Issuance
         B. Approval of Public Hearing on FY2018 Metrobus Service Additions

XII.  Report by Governance Committee - Mr. Price
          A. Revisions to Board Bylaws - This item was withdrawn
          B. Election of FY2018 Officers

XIII. Consent Item - Mr. Evans
          A. Acceptance of Chevy Chase Bus Loop Grant

XIV.   Report by Chair - Mr. Evans

          A. Recognition of Board Member Leif Dormsjo

          B. Approval of FY2018 Committee Assignments

XV.   Jurisdictional Reports

XVI.   Adjournment/Request for Executive Session