Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for December 15, 2005 at 11:00 AM

I. Call to Order

Action Items


II. Approval of Agenda


III. Approval of Minutes

IV. Public Comment Period

V. Report by Chairman

Action Items


A. Approval of Resolution to Appoint Members to Riders Advisory Council

VI. Report by General Manager/Chief Executive Officer

Information Items


A. Metro Board Digest

VII. Report by Planning & Development Committee

Action Items


A. Approval of Resolution for Parking Facility Collection Time Change at All Pay-On-Exit Parking Facilities

VIII. Report by Budget Committee

Action Items


A. Approval of Resolution to Amend FY06 Infrastructure Renewal Program to Include Three Projects


B. Approval of Additional Funding for Programmatic Approval for the Continuance of the ITRP Implementation Efforts


C. Approval of Contract Ratification & Increase Funding to Complete Jackson Graham Building Fire Alarm System REgulatory

IX. Report by Administration Committee

Action Items


A. Approval of Resolution for Provision to WMATA’s Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual 6.5, Other Paid Leave, Milita


B. Approval of Resolution to Amend WMATA/Local 2 Retirement Plan

X. Report by Customer Service, Operations and Safety

Action Items


A. Approval of Resolution for Car Deployment Strategy Improving Throughput with Fewer but Longer Trains

XI. Administrative Actions



1. Approval to Exercise the Final Options for Car Sharing Contracts


2. Approval of Settlement to Close-out Largo Stations & Parking Facilities Contract


3. Award - Contract to Install Scour Countermeasures at WMATA's Four Piers OF Potomac River Bridge


4. Modify - Contract for Rohr Car Fleet AC Traction Motor Rewind


5. Approval of Resolution to Waiver Sovereign Immunity in Connection with Exercise of Eminent Domain Powers by D.C.


6. Approval of Resolution to Use $500,000 from the D.C. TIIF or Other Unallocated District Funds Held by WMATA for Navy


8. Approval of Int'l Travel FOR 2 Employees TO Regensburg, Germany TO Rvw Plant Ops. & Sched. FOR Transformer Equip.


7. Approval to Negotiate & Execute Leases for Use of PEPCO Property


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