Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for July 21, 2005 at 11:00 AM

I. Call to Order

Action Items


II. Approval of Agenda

Mr. Kauffman


III. Approval of Minutes

Mr. Kauffman


IV. Public Comment Period

Mr. Kauffman

Information Items


A. Metro Board Digest

V. Report by General Manager

Mr. White

VI. Report by Planning and Development Committee

Mr. Zimmerman

Action Items


A. Approve Public Hrng Staff Rpt for Brntwd Yrd and Award Yard Expan. Contracts for Grnblt, Shdy Grv and Brntwd

VII. Report by Administration Committee

Mr. Deegan

Action Items


A. Aproval of FFY06 DBE Annual Goal


B. Approval of Amendment to Retirement Plan

VIII. Report by Real Estate Committee

Mr. Graham

Action Items


A. Approval of FY06 Joint Development Work Program


B. Approval of Amendment for Procedural Changes to Joint Development Policies and Guidelines


C. Approval of Developer Selection for Grosvenor Joint Development Site

IX. Report by Budget Committee

Mrs. Mack

Action Items


A. Approval to Amend FY06 SAP to Include Navy Yard Station Modifications


B. Approval of 16H Extension to Crystal City and Blair Road


C. Approval of S91 Springfield Shuttler Service Changes


D. Approval of FY06 Training Procurements

X. Report by Policy and Legislative Committee

Mr. Kauffman

Action Items


A. Approval of Public Comment Period


B. Approval of 30-day Comment Period for Riders Advisory Council

XI. Report by Customer Service, Operations & Safety Committee

Mr. Smith

Action Items


A. Apprv Res. to Modify Tarrif to Adopt Policy for Use of Segways; D.C. Circulator Transfer; Out-of-Uniform Sheriffs

XII. Administrative Actions



1. Initiate & Award - Contract for Bulk Rock Salt for Snow and Ice Control

Mr. Hughes


2. Initiate & Award - Contract for Referubishment of Escalator Glide Stop Brake Boards

Mr. Hughes


3. Initiate & Award - Contract for Remote Monitoring of PIDS Signs

Mr. Salpeas


4. Approval of Settlement for the Acquisition of Real Property for Metroril Blue Line Extension to Largo Town Center

Mr. Salpeas


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