Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for May 19, 2005 at 11:00 AM

I. Call to Order

Action Items


II. Approval of Agenda

Mr. Kauffman


III. Approval of Minutes

Mr. Kauffman

IV. Public Comment Period

V. Report by General Manager

Mr. White

Action Items


A. Approval of Resolution for Appointment of General Counsel

Information Items


B. Metro Board Digest

Mr. White

VI. Report by Budget Committee

Mrs. Mack

Action Items


A. Approval of Resolution to Amend FY05 Operating Budget for Metro Emergencies Training and Ratify Sub-Grant Agreement D


B. Approval of Resolution to Amend FY05 SAP to Increase Budget for Huntington Garage & Use of Surcharge Funds


C. Approval of Resolution to Amend FY05 SAP to Increase Budget for White Flint Parking Garage


D. Approval to Modify Contract to Include Value Capture Study


E. Approval to Exercise Option Year for Labor Legal Consultant Contract

VII. Report by Administration Committee

Mr. Deegan

Action Items


3. Approval of FY06 Operating Insurance Renewal


1. Initiate & Award - Contract for Purchase Card Services


2. Initiate & Award - Contract to Rehabilitate Addison Road Station & Wheaton Parking Garages


4. Initiate & Award - Contract for ITSV Back-up Facilities Services


5. Initiate & Award - Contract for Running Rail


6. Initiate & Award - Service Contract to Weld Running Rail


7. Initiate & Award - Contract for Installation of Digital Video Recording Systems


8. Approval of Interim Vehicle Engineering Consultant Support for Essential Railcar & Bus Fleet


9. Initiate & Award - Contract for Fare Collection Equipment Conversion to Express Vendors


A. Approval of PARP and Privacy Policy

Administrative Actions


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