Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for July 23, 2015 at 11:00 AM

I. Call to Order

Action Items


II. Approval of Agenda

Mr. Downey

III. Certification of Executive Sessions

Mrs. Hudgins

Action Items


A. June 12, 2015


B. July 2, 2015

IV. Approval of Minutes

Mr. Downey

Action Items


A. June 25, 2015

B. June 12, 2015 Executive Session

C. June 25, 2015 Executive Session

D. July 2, 2015 Executive Session

V. Public Comment

Information Items


VI. Report by Accessibility Advisory Committee

Mr. Sheehan


VII. Report by Riders' Advisory Council

Ms. Hermanson

VIII. Report by Chair

Mr. Downey

A. Salute to Service - Arthur Kelley, Clark McKenzie

B. Swearing in of New Board Member - Malcolm Augustine

Action Items


C. Approval of Revised Committee Assignments


D. Approval of Riders' Advisory Council Appointments

IX. A. Report by GM/CEO

Mr. Requa

B. Employee Spotlight - Tablique Muhammad, Station Manager

X. Report by Planning, Program Development and Real Estate Committee

Ms. Tregoning

Action Items


A. Approval of Sale of Brookland Vacant Parcels


B. Approval of Navy Yard Chiller Joint Development Agreement


C. Approval of Fort Totten Term Sheet


D. Approval of Warehouse Acquisition

XI. Report by Customer Service Committee

Mrs. Hudgins

Action Items


A. Approval of Public Hearing for 2015 Bus Service State of Good Operations


B. Approval of Public Hearing for Rail Service Optimization (Item deferred)

XII. Report by Finance and Administration Committee

Mr. Evans

Action Items


A. Approval to Amend FY2015 Capital Budget

XIII. Consent Item

Action Items


A. Approval of Mark Center - Pentagon Bus Service Agreement

XIV. Reports by


Mr. Evans


Mr. Goldman


Mrs. Hudgins

Federal Government

Mr. Downey

XV. Adjournment


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